About Us


More Puffcorn Please is a family owned business based in Fort Worth, Texas. We’ve been eating, and fighting over, Salted Caramel Puffcorn at our family gatherings for over 20 years. Encouraged loudly by friends we decided to share our beloved family snack with the world. The reception has been tremendous. Since 2012 we have shared our Puffcorn with visitors at the Farmers Markets, schools and churches across the DFW metroplex, the staff of Daimler Mercedes Benz and the Dallas Mavericks, VIP guests at The Palms Casino & Resort in Las Vegas and many craft breweries and craft beer festivals surrounding DFW.

We’ve shipped to all 50 states & Canada, leaving a trail of MPP addicts all across the map.

Our Mission

  1. To create a snack that people can enjoy and share with the people that they love.
  2. To be a part of your family and friend’s traditions.
  3. To make you smile with every bite!
  4. To give back to our local community.
  5. Worldwide Puffcorn domination.
Jennifer Kerwin
-Lifelong Salted Caramel Puffcorn Addict-